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Single Hearth Electron Beam Source

snglhrt2The Single Hearth Electron Beam Source is a heavy duty source offering large hearth capacity, high deposition rates, long filament life, and industrial reliability for R&D or production line applications. The source has one (1) crucible which can accept a variety of liners. The source is designed to operate at input power levels up to 12 kW. The 270 ° bent beam design permits complete shielding of the filament from evaporated materials and falling debris. The source is also equipped with a water-cooled trap and permanent magnet for greater operating efficiency and safety. The electron beam can be swept in both the X and Y axis for optimum evaporation.


  • Large Pocket — Up to 40cc
  • Interchangeable Crucibles
  • 270 Bent Beam Design for Longer Filament Life
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • XY Sweep Capability


Output Power
Maximum Power 12 kW
Emission Voltage 10 kV
Emission Current Up to 1.2 Amps
Efficiency In excess of 99% of Beam Power into Hearth
Beam Characteristics
Type 270° Beam
Spot Size 0.375″ x 0.375″
Sweep Longitudinal/Lateral with Sweep Controller
Required Power
Source 410 kV, 01.2 A
Filament 08 VAC, 40 A
Cooling Water 1.7 gpm, 45 psi Minimum
Required Operating Pressure Below 2 x 10-4
Maximum Bake-Out Temperature 250 C
Hearth Characteristics
Material OFHC Copper
Dimensions* Truncated 30 Cone: 2.0″ x 1.50″ x 0.92″ (Top x Bottom x Depth)
Capacity 7cc to 40cc
Liner As Required
Overall Dimensions 5.4″ x 4.5″ x 5.9″ (HxWxL)
(137 mm X 114 mm X 149 mm
Weight 10 lbs.