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“Ultra Source” Multi-Hearth Electron Beam Source

Ultrasource1The NEW “ULTRA SOURCE” retains all the advantages of the original Sloan E-Beam source, large hearth capacity, high deposition rates, long filament life, and industrial reliability, but has been re-engineered. There is no need to disconnect water fittings when disassembling the source for routine maintenance. All wear surfaces are now stainless steel instead of copper. Water leaks caused from removing the hearth have been eliminated.

Already have an original Sloan Multi-Pocket E-Beam Source?

The ULTRA SOURCE shares many of the same components as the original Sloan source – expendables, magnets, anodes, beam formers, filament blocks and many other parts are all compatible.


  • Large Pocket — Up to 40cc
  • Interchangeable Crucibles
  • 270 Bent Beam Design for Longer Filament Life
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • XY Sweep Capability


  Output Power
Maximum Power 12 kW
Emission Voltage10 kV
Emission CurrentUp to 1.2 Amps
EfficiencyIn excess of 99% of Beam Power into Hearth
Beam Characteristics
Type 270° Beam
Spot Size0.375″ x 0.375″
SweepLongitudinal/Lateral with Sweep Controller
Required Power
Source 410 kV, 01.2 A
Filament08 VAC, 40 A
Cooling Water1.7 gpm, 45 psi Minimum
Required Operating PressureBelow 2 x 10-4
Maximum Bake-Out Temperature250 C
Hearth Characteristics
Material OFHC Copper
Dimensions*Truncated 30 Cone: 2.0″ x 1.50″ x 0.92″ (Top x Bottom x Depth)
Capacity7cc to 40cc
LinerAs Required
Overall Dimensions5.4″ x 4.5″ x 5.9″ (HxWxL)
(137 mm X 114 mm X 149 mm
Weight10 lbs.