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Custom Vacuum Component Fabrication

cusvacs3YTI can accommodate virtually any of your custom vacuum coating equipment needs. With a complete production facility, we can manufacture all standard and most non-standard vacuum components to your specifications. Our shop is flexible enough and works closely with our customers to ensure design integrity as the custom component is being manufactured. We access each job individually to determine the highest grade material possible and best manufacturing means while maintaining a price competitive process. This allows YTI to provide superior custom products at the fairest market price.

All items fabricated for vacuum use are inspected throughout the manufacturing process with a helium leak detector to identify any real or virtual leaks. This and other standard QC Procedures assure you that the custom product you receive is of the highest quality.

Please call with your requirements and discover how YTI can meet your custom vacuum component requirements, giving you the competitive edge you need.

In-House Equipment Available Machining Capabilities
  • 12″ x 50″ CNC Milling Machine
  • 20″ x 40″ NC Milling Machine
  • 12″ x 24″ CNC Lathe
  • 9″ x 42″ Milling Machine
  • 9″ x 48″ Milling Machine
  • 20″ Lathe
  • 6″ Lathe
  • 60″ Lathe
  • TIG/ARC Welder
  • MIG Welder
  • STUD Welder
  • Stainless Steel Bell Jars
  • Feedthroughs
  • Vacuum Manifolds
  • Backing Plates for Sputtering
  • Electron Beam Sources (Sloan Style)
  • Custom Valve Control Panels
  • Chamber Modifications
  • Base Plates – New & Resurfacing
  • Top Plates – New & Resurfacing
  • BlankOff Plates
  • Rewrap Diffusion Pumps
  • Repair Vacuum and Water Leaks
  • Replacement of Diffusion Pump Bottom Plates, and much more…
Welding Capabilities Silver Brazing & Soldering Capabilities
  • TIG (HELIARC) – Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • MIG – General Fabrication
  • ARC – General Fabrication
  • STUD (#1032 & 1/4″ 20 Stainless) – Chamber Fixturing
  • Stainless, Copper, Brass or Steel in virtually any combination
  • General Fabrication of Rough Lines and External Water Lines