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YTI Offers All-in-one Touchscreen Valve Controller/Vacuum Gauge Controller

A complete vacuum deposition valve controller package with gauge readouts and modern connectivity.

YTI Introduces a new level of valve controllers. A self contained unit offering automated valve control, gauge readouts and set-points. Providing user selectable 24vdc or 110VAC control voltage for valve actuation and ON/OFF control of system pumping. YTI’s new touchscreen controller offers automatic, manual and service modes, with corresponding levels of protection for safe and easy valve operation. The controller can be specifically setup by the factory for any system, including diffusion, cryogenic and turbo pump models. All on a bright, colorful and easy to read screen!

User friendly features

YTI’s new touchscreen valve controller was designed for ease of operation. Easy to read vacuum level readouts that change color when user set set-points are reached. A main control screen that displays gauge readouts and valve status for all-in-one screen operation. Separate valve control, gauge readout and diagnostic screens included as well. Automated mode offers hands free operation from atmosphere to deposition pressure. Manual mode provides complete manual control over valve operation, but with a level of protection against errors. The unit also incorporates a built in emergency stop button to safely and quickly return all valves to stand-by status. Installation is a snap, with screw type wiring inputs and outputs, no need for special expensive connectors.

Multi-port connectivity

Ethernet port, Micro-SD and USB connectivity. Rear mounted Ethernet port provides connection to any network for DATA logging, and remote access by authorized off-site users.  The remote access can be used to check machine status and remote troubleshooting, allowing quick and easy diagnostics of issues, resulting in much less downtime. Remote access can be performed from any web browser or via a low cost Android and IOS application from your smart phone. Administrators can select password protected levels of control for each remote user, from just viewing screens to full control. The unit incorporates a Micro-SD card port for direct data logging. Front mounted USB port for easy download of firmware updates. Just load the new firmware on a USB stick and follow on screen prompts.

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